Teachers role

At Funtazia, teachers observe and interact with the children to plan age-appropriate activities and projects based on the children’s interests and the current theme.

Teachers will engage in the activities alongside the children in order to encourage them and stimulate their interest.

Teachers’ tasks include:

  • To organize the classroom and materials to help children make thoughtful decisions.
  • To welcome the children in the morning and support them in parting from the parents.
  • To observe and monitor the children; this includes planning a meeting with the parents periodically to discuss the most recent observations.
  • To keep records on individual children, including filling out the Daily Report.
  • To take care of the child in case of early symptoms of illness and inform caregivers/doctor.
  • To prepare children for sleep and monitor them during sleep.
  • To assist children in their daily care including changing diapers, toilet visits and overall hygiene.
  • To gradually educate children about correct personal hygiene.
  • To assist in preparing and serving snacks, meals and refreshments for the children.
  • To take care of the children’s nutrition, while supporting them learning to eat independently.
  • To encourage children’s curiosity, connecting thoughts and enhance their achievements.
  • To promote the child’s autonomy and self-esteem.
  • To encourage the children to recognize their emotions and those of others.
  • To support the integration of the child in the group and stimulate interactions.
  • To provoke ideas, problem solving and conflict resolution.
  • To communicate with parents and colleagues in order to meet the children’s specific needs.