Daily programs and events

Day-care daily program

Welcoming children and parents
Circle time (reading books and singing, practicing ABC and counting)
Fresh fruit snack with water or milk
Toilet/diaper-changing routine
Activities, such as: Library, 3+group, crafts, baking, nature walk etc.
Playing outside
Preparation for lunch, hand washing etc
Lunch time
Tv time, toilet/diaper-changing routine, preparation for nap
Nap/ resting time
Toilet/diaper changing routine, afternoon snack (vegetables and crackers)
Playing outside
Free play/crafts
Snack time (sandwich) and toilet/diaper changing routine
Pick-up time

After school care (BSO) daily program

Our after school care (BSO) program offers fun, varied and engaging activities from 15:00 -18:30 daily for primary school aged children. Directly after school the children will receive a healthy snack and participate in circle time. Circle time can include talking about various themes such as what a child did that day, special events that are coming up, to read a story or sing songs etc and encourages development of children’s thinking, listening, looking, speaking and concentrating skills. Later in the afternoon children will have the opportunity to participate in activities such as board games, arts and crafts, imaginative play, construction projects etc. The children will also go outside to play in the fantastic NAISR playground (or inside in the gym during bad weather) and will receive a second healthy snack. The last half an hour of the afternoon will be dedicated to relaxation and winding down time before children are collected by parents.

Holiday care

Our holiday care program offers fun, varied and engaging activities during the school holidays for primary school aged children. They will have the opportunity to see their friends and also to make new ones. We offer a wide range of structured activities daily including crafts, board games, cooking, sporting activities, indoor and outdoor play etc. Our holiday care program encourages children to learn through exploration and problem-solving while group activities, such as sports and team games allow children to work on their communication and conflict resolution skills, and at the same time build confidence and resilience. Your child will be supervised, engaged, and encouraged at all times and will receive a warm lunch as well as healthy snacks and drinks throughout the day.


At Funtazia we celebrate several international holidays with the children including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Sinterklaas, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter and Kings Day.


Children's birthdays will be individually celebrated. The teachers will make a birthday hat for the child and decorate the classroom. Parents can provide a healthy treat for all children.