Children are develop their sense of right and wrong in almost every action they take. They are testing limits, exploring their environment, and discovering how to get along with others. We believe in routines and rules in the classroom. Children learn which behaviors are acceptable and those that are not.

Our approach to handling classroom discipline involves creating rules and routine and by introducing them constantly. As our toddlers become accustomed to the rules, we will experience limited discipline problems. Our approach to handling bad behavior is based on several steps. First, we give a warning. This is followed by giving the child a timeout. Lastly we discuss and explain the situation to the child. This procedure helps children understand right from wrong. With good behavior, we believe it is important to reward the children constantly to reinforce this good behavior.

Classroom Rules:

  • Respect and listen to others.
  • Wait for your turn.
  • Walk, don't run in the classroom.
  • Play gently, don’t push, don't scream.
  • Be nice and share with others.
  • Help clean up.

In the case of any concerns from parents, we recommend discussing the matter with the child’s classroom teacher.