Funtazia is a bilingual (EN/NL) international child care centre in the leafy suburb of Hillegersberg, welcoming your children to our Day Care, After School and/or Holiday Care.

Our unique facilities and our attentive team members, will ensure daily happiness for babies, tots, and toddlers in our care, giving parents peace of mind as they work.

Our goal is to lay the right foundations, enhance the growth and unique development of every child through play, promoting physical well-being, social skills and later, school readiness.

The all-inclusive fees mean that everything your child needs for the day is included in our fees; Such as diapers, wipes, formula, healthy snacks, and warm lunches freshly prepared onsite daily by our catering team.

Attentive Staff

As an international day care, we are proud of our diverse and multicultural staff. All of our teachers are pedagogically trained and qualified with the DUO certification. But, more importantly, they have a love of children and the right temperament.


Enrichment Activities

Your little ones will enjoy a day filled with carefully planned activities aimed at nurturing their social, physical, and cognitive development.

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Healthy Meals

At Funtazia, we prioritise providing nutritious meals and snacks for all children throughout the day. Our onsite caterer ensures that a warm, balanced and nutritious lunch is prepared daily for all children.

At Funtazia, we maintain a nut-free environment to ensure the safety of all children.


English and Dutch
Bilingual Care

At our bilingual day care, children are immersed in an international environment where English and Dutch are the primary languages of communication. Through ample exposure and opportunities for speaking practice, children at Funtazia can grasp the fundamentals of both English and Dutch.



Our spacious classrooms each has direct access to outdoor areas, providing children with a cheerful environment to play, grow, and learn alongside their friends. Children at Funtazia also have the privilege of enjoying fantastic facilities including a library, four beautiful playgrounds, a fully equipped music room, and a large sports hall. It's no wonder children eagerly anticipate their days at Funtazia!


Horizontal Groups

Placing little tots and toddlers into horizontal age groups at Funtazia day care fosters tailored and appropriate learning experiences. It promotes social interaction among peers at similar developmental stages.

Horizontal grouping ensures our teachers can offer age-appropriate activities and challenges and cultivates a supportive environment where children with similar “ages and stages” can thrive together.


School Readiness

As children progress to Grasshopper, Dragonfly, and Butterfly classes (2+), they embark on a journey to prepare for school, focusing not only on academic readiness but also on essential soft skills. Through engaging play activities, we guide them in developing crucial social abilities and support their emotional growth, all vital for their transition to "big school."



We offer parents the opportunity to stay informed with daily updates via the Parent App, "KidsKonnect”. Parents will receive photos of their child's activities and fun moments and important updates throughout the day directly from the teachers.



What do our parents say?

When Olivier attended the group, the teachers observed him and let us know how they could help him grow. Ollie was a little bit behind with rolling and sitting. But they asked us to help him with some exercises. In a short time after he was making immense progress and he got his very first certificate “Ollie rolled over”. We will never forget that moment! We are so thankful.

Mother of 11m Olivier in Bumblebees

They know the names of all the kids, are very caring and sweet.

Mother of Ollie 12m in Ladybug class

Funtazia staff are caring and warm, they pay attention to detail and always take the time for an update. They are professionals that clearly love their job and you can see the kids growing and enjoying every minute of Funtazia!

Mother of 1 year old Celeste



Child Engagement and Activities:

- Plan age-appropriate activities and projects based on children’s interests, talents and the monthly curricular theme.

- Engage with children during activities to encourage and stimulate their thinking, broaden their interests and help them have successful experiences.


Classroom Organisation and Welcoming:

- Organise classroom and teaching materials to facilitate children’s play: fine, gross motor skills, puzzling, social interaction, decision-making and facilitating the Enrichment Activities etc.

- Welcome children in the morning and assist with transitioning from parents.

Observation and Monitoring:

- Observe and monitor children's behaviour, with periodic meetings with parents to discuss observations.

- Maintain records on individual children and share observations with parents regularly.


Health and Hygiene:

- Monitor children for early signs of illness and notify caregivers of any concerns.

- Assist with children’s daily care including diaper changes, toilet visits, and overall hygiene.

- Educate children about personal hygiene gradually.


Nutrition and Mealtime Support:

- Assist in preparing and serving snacks, meals, and refreshments.

- Support children's nutrition.

- Encourage independent eating.


Emotional Support and Social Integration:

- Encourage curiosity, connect thoughts, and enhance achievements.

- Promote child autonomy, self-esteem, and emotional recognition.

- Support integration into the group and stimulate interactions.


Problem-Solving and Communication:

- Create ideas, facilitate problem-solving, and assist with social conflict resolution.

- Communicate effectively with parents and colleagues to meet children’s specific needs.


By fulfilling these responsibilities, the staff at Funtazia contribute to creating a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can learn, develop and grow.