Welcome to Funtazia International Child Care!

The international child care in Hillegersberg and Schiebroek

Funtazia is an English-speaking daycare centre in the area of Hillegersberg and Schiebroek, Rotterdam, which is located on the Nord Anglia International School of Rotterdam campus. In our cosy and spacious environment, we offer a true home away from home for children aged 3 months to 12 years.

Funtazia’s team consists of highly motivated, educated, and qualified staff members that meet the Dutch requirements to work in child care. Each teacher is in possession of a First Aid certificate and has followed an emergency response course.

At the daycare in Rotterdam we offer:

  • Facilities built and furnished in accordance with the highest standards and specifications.
  • Dedicated indoor and outdoor play space.
  • Three large and comfortable rooms furnished appropriately for each age group: two groups for day-care and one for after school care (BSO) and holiday care.
  • A separate sleeping area for babies. The sleeping room is furnished with equipment that meets Dutch health and safety regulations.
  • Top security within the school grounds: high fencing, security gate, security cameras.
  • Alarm System: We inspect and maintain our building, grounds and facilities on a regular basis according to safety and hygiene procedures. The building is equipped with a fire alarm system that switches on in case of an emergency. We conduct emergency drills with the children, and all staff are fully aware of the procedures for evacuating the building safely.

Do you need daycare in the area of Hillegersberg and Schiebroek, Rotterdam?

Please feel free to mail or call us at 010 218 93 37.