Enrichment Activities

Your little ones will enjoy a day filled with carefully planned activities aimed at nurturing their social, physical, and cognitive development.

Here is a glimpse into some of the activities children will experience at Funtazia:

  • Funtazia Fitness: Energetic activities in the gymnasium to promote physical and gross motor development.
  • Sensory Space: Exploring different textures, sounds, and sights for sensory stimulation.
  • Little van Goghs: Unleashing creativity through paint, hand prints, sensory etc.
  • Mini Maestros: Fun musical activities in the fully equipped music room to introduce children to music, singing, sounds and rhythm.
  • Storyland: Enhancing children's focused listening and language skills through storytelling.
  • Yoga:  Developmental exercises and playful yoga poses to practice mindfulness and flexibility.
  • Green Fingers: Discovering the wonders of nature and gardening.
  • Eco-Rangers: Learning about environmental conservation and sustainability through recycling awareness.
  • Imagination Station: Fostering creativity and problem-solving skills through imaginative play.
  • Babygym: Our babies in the bumblebee group delight in our Babygym activities and engaging Sensory Play sessions tailored just for them.


What do our parents say?

It’s nice to see how much time these sweet teachers spend with the kids. I’m always smiling when I see my kid in circle time singing songs with his classmates, learning colors and signings. The teachers really teach him things. It’s different from what I hear about other daycares. It’s a blessing!

Mother of 11m Olivier in Bumblebees

They organize very nice activities and each month have a different theme they focus on. Lots of music, dancing, crafts and reading.

Mother of Ollie 12m in Ladybug class

The enrichment activities promote diverse intelligences and bring the kids together .We really appreciate the loads of photos via the app as well.

Mother of 1 year old Celeste

Even in the baby rooms, various activities are done with the children to promote cognitive development.

Mother of 2y Matilda in Firefly group

We appreciate how quickly our son began speaking both English and Dutch, thanks to the activities at Funtazia. The circletime is his favorite; he kicks off his day with that catchy morning song. And let me tell you, it's pure joy picking him up and seeing all those little ones happily following the routines. I mean, it's almost like magic how the teachers handle so many lively kids with such grace!

Mother of 2y Ollie in Grasshopper group

Very high level. Ana is learning a lot from the activities.

Father of Ana, 3y in Butterfly group

This is a clear differentiator vs a Dutch daycare. They do a lot of activities, in an organized manner, for children to learn new things and develop new skills.

Father of 1,5y Adrian in Ladybug class

I love in general the motor skills development activities.

Mother of Olga 11months in Bumblebees group

My daughter loves story time. You can see how focused she is when listening and it helps her develop one of the most important skills; patience.

Father of 2y Aurora in Dragonfly class