Healthy Meals

At Funtazia, we prioritise providing nutritious meals and snacks for all children throughout the day.

Our onsite catering partner, Catermaat, ensures that every meal is freshly prepared daily. Our chef crafts a balanced and delicious lunch including steamed vegetables and either steamed or oven-baked meat or fish. We accommodate dietary needs, allergies, sensitivities, and vegetarian/vegan preferences, with specially tailored dishes. Additionally, all meals are halal certified.

For morning and afternoon snacks, children enjoy a variety of wholesome options such as fresh fruit, vegetables, raisins, whole grain crackers and bread, low-fat cream cheese, as well as milk and water. Babies are provided with formula, porridge, and freshly mashed steamed vegetables and fruit.

At Funtazia, we maintain a nut-free environment to ensure the safety of all children.


What do our parents say?

As a mother, I am very grateful that my daughter is given such a great, healthy lunch every day. Not an easy sandwich like at other day cares, but rather a full warm lunch with meat and veggies!

Mother of 2 year old Matilda

Funtazia staff are caring and warm, they pay attention to detail and always take the time for an update. They are professionals that clearly love their job and you can see the kids growing and enjoying every minute of Funtazia!

Mother of 1 year old Celeste