Holiday Care


The Funtazia Holiday Care programme offers an exciting array of activities, workshops and excursions for primary school-aged children during school holidays. Designed to promote fun and learning, children can socialise with friends and explore new interests. Every Summer, The FUNTASTIC at FUNTAZIA action-packed summer care is open for children from 4 to 12 years of age. Each of the Summer holiday care weeks has a different theme and the activities, crafts, games, and excursions will be linked to the theme. 

  • Structured activities such as crafts, games, and cooking sessions provide opportunities for creativity and skill-building.
  • Group activities, including sports and team games, encourage teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills, fostering confidence and resilience.
  • Excursions could involve a trip to a local animal park, museum, cinema or bowling alley allowing children leave the campus to engage in educational and fun activities with their friends while in house workshops include everything from MAD-Science to sports and dance clinics giving children the chance to try their hand at new things.

Children are supervised, engaged, and supported throughout the day, enjoying a warm or cold lunch along with nutritious snacks and drinks.

Funtazia staff speak both English and Dutch exposing students to two languages – in both our after school care and holiday care programmes.


Holiday care is currently offered during the following times:

  • October Break
  • Christmas Break (2 of the three weeks - Funtazia is closed the week between Christmas and New Year)
  • February Break
  • Easter Week (NAISR students only)
  • Meivakantie (Dutch school students only)
  • Summer Break (10 weeks - all weeks that NAISR and Dutch schools are closed)

For any questions you may have about our Holiday Care, please contact

To register your child for Funtazia's Holiday Care, please complete the online registration form.


What do our parents say?

When Olivier attended the group, the teachers observed him and let us know how they could help him grow. Ollie was a little bit behind with rolling and sitting. But they asked us to help him with some exercises. In a short time after he was making immense progress and he got his very first certificate “Ollie rolled over”. We will never forget that moment! We are so thankful.

Mother of 11m Olivier in Bumblebees

They know the names of all the kids, are very caring and sweet.

Mother of Ollie 12m in Ladybug class

Funtazia staff are caring and warm, they pay attention to detail and always take the time for an update. They are professionals that clearly love their job and you can see the kids growing and enjoying every minute of Funtazia!

Mother of 1 year old Celeste