Our Creative & Caring Staff


As an international day care, we are proud of our diverse and multicultural staff. With 15 different nationalities we learn best practices in child care from around the world.

All teachers are pedagogically trained and qualified, but what truly sets them apart is their genuine love for children and their friendly and nurturing temperament.   

Staff at Funtazia provide each child with the attention that they need and deserve. The qualified child care workers also understand that every child is unique, with their own personality, learning style, and family background. 


Child Engagement and Activities 

Age-appropriate activities and projects are planned based on children’s interests, talents and the monthly curricular theme.

Staff engage with children during activities to encourage and stimulate their thinking, broaden their interests and help them to have positive and successful experiences.

Classroom Organisation and Welcoming 

Classroom and teaching materials are organised to facilitate children’s play: fine, gross motor skills, puzzling, social interaction, decision-making and facilitating the Enrichment Activities etc.

Staff will always make the children feel welcome upon arrival into their care.

Observation and Monitoring 

Funtazia staff observe and monitor children's behaviour, with periodic meetings with parents to discuss observations.

Staff also maintain records on individual children and share observations with parents regularly.


Health and Hygiene 

Staff will monitor children for early signs of illness and notify caregivers of any concerns.

They also assist with children’s daily care and educate children about personal hygiene.


Nutrition and Mealtime Support 

Staff will assist in preparing and serving snacks, meals, and refreshments.

They will support children's nutrition. and encourage independent, healthy eating.


Emotional Support and Social Integration 

Funtazia staff will encourage curiosity, connect thoughts, and enhance achievements.

They will promote child autonomy, self-esteem, and emotional recognition.

Support will be given in regards to integration into the group and stimulating interactions.


Problem-Solving and Communication 

Staff will create ideas, facilitate problem-solving, and assist with social conflict resolution.

They will communicate effectively with parents and colleagues to meet children’s specific needs.


By fulfilling these responsibilities, the staff at Funtazia contribute to creating a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can learn, develop and grow.


What do our parents say?

We adore Funtazia because the teachers are very caring and loving. When Ollie moved to the big boys' group, they were so proud, and now whenever we pass the little ones' playground, it's like a cheering squad of aunties. It really feels like home.

Mother of 2y Ollie in Grasshopper group

They are caring and genuinely interested about children’s wellbeing.

Father of 1,5y Adrian in Ladybug class

The staff at Funtazia genuinely care about my daughter. From day one, they helped Matilda feel safe and happy. She has never cried when I have dropped her off in the mornings and that says a lot. It is so reassuring.

Mother of 2y Matilda in Firefly group

Kindness and personal/individual observation of my child.

Mother of Olga 11months in Bumblebees group

The staff are caring, attentive, understanding and really patient.

Father of 2y Aurora in Dragonfly class